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Start Shaping Your Health Today

Helping You Find Success With Personalized Coaching

Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change, But Can’t Seem to Find a Way?

Let us help you reach your health goals.  We assess the physical and emotional state of our clients and listen intently to the goals they want to set in their health and wellness lifestyle.  We provide clients with a personalized action plan to ensure they are effective in accomplishing their goals.  Most of all, the personalized plan guides our clients in seeing results.  So….don’t let another day go by wishing you’d made the change sooner. Let’s talk.  Let’s get you started TODAY!

What Is Health Coaching?

Mind Set Shift

Health coaches guide individuals to rewiring their mindset so they meet their fullest potential in their wellness lifestyle.

Goal Setting

Health coaches take the goals of clients and guide them in taking the best route to ensure effective results.

Accountability Follow-ups

Receive one weekly phone and/or online video call as the goal is to stick with you week by week to check in on your progress and hold you accountable to your personalized plan.

 Health Empowerment Coaching is Right For You If…


You struggle to stick to health and wellness goals.
You struggle with keeping your mindset in a positive space.
You know you want to begin the path to better health and wellness but you do not know where to begin.
You want to be guided and not forced in a direction of your own personal health goals.
You need an accountability partner to hold you accountable while implementing wellness strategies.

Rachel’s Approach

Hey! I am happy to have you here.  As a Health Empowerment Coach, I take pride in helping my clients build and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

What qualifies me to be your Health Empowerment Coach?

+12 years of Fitness and Nutrition Coaching

+5 years Mental Health Counseling

4 years of NCAA Division 1 sprinting and hurdling


Health and wellness entails (1) physical health, (2) nutrition, and (3) mental well-being.  This is the ideal way to accomplish a lifestyle of optimal health. Whether you need help in one area of health and wellness or all three, we have the experience to get you exactly where you want to go with sustainable results included.

We have created a community of like-minded individuals for you to become virtual friends and build meaningful connections.  The friendships that are formed in our community is second to none. Individuals are there to encourage you to stay the course and continue being your greatest self.

We have taken our proven strategies and helped our community intentionally build meaningful connections and create a SUSTAINABLE health and wellness lifestyle.  We are now providing these actionable steps to you.

How Coaching Works

1. Choose Your Package

Choose the package below that coincides with your current goals.

2. Discovery Call

Speak with Rachel about your goals and schedule your first day.

3. Live Learning

 Work with Rachel, weekly for 60 minutes, as she guides you towards excellent mastery of your health and fitness goals.

Choose Your Personal Coaching Package

Weight Transformation

This 12-week package includes the following: phase 1 – clean eating, phase 2 – personalized exercise program, phase 3 – maintenance program

Heart Healthy Lifestyle

This 8-week package includes the following: phase 1 – clean eating, phase 2 – stress management, phase 3 – maintenance program

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