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We have the right course for you to start reshaping your intimacy no matter where you are in your journey.



For couples undecided if and how to move forward          re-igniting intimacy

So, you have a relationship that was once heightened with intimacy inside and, most importantly, outside the bedroom.  You both held hands, took walks, laughed together, gazed into each others’ eyes and chivalry was a first-thought and not a fore-thought.  Realistically, life has changed over time and you both feel the difference trickled into the relationship; however, there is confusionexhaustion, and rejection standing in the way of the relationship moving towards a solution.  The Effortlessly Manifest program will release your indecisive and stagnant position and get you moving towards a relationship where you will effortlessly manifest your way to kickstarting the relationship you once had and dream of having again.

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for couples in need of a KICKSTARTER intimacy blueprint due to lack of time and ineffective communication

Are you a busy mom, dad, teacher, CEO, or entrepreneur, perhaps? Are you busy giving your full effort to your career, but rarely have time to put as much effort into growing your relationship? Do you get pulled left and right and as a consequence, you don’t have much intimacy left to give or communicate to those closest to you?  Well, the 7 Day Spark program is just for you.  Get started moving towards increased intimacy and a better relationship by taking small steps in the right direction.


       for the couple needing guidance through an        ALL-INCLUSIVE intimacy blueprint program

Ever feel like you don’t have time for intimacy? Ever feel as though you and your partner bump heads or tip-toe around the conversation of intimacy? Have you felt your wellness/health changes contribute to lack of intimacy in the relationship? Do you both fail to be intimate because of the ever-thinking thought about household finances?  If so, the Ignite Intimacy Academies’ ALL-INCLUSIVE program is right for you!

Harper Intimacy Wellness

For the couple and individual needing a wellness program designed with their intimacy in mind

Looking to begin a wellness program focused around your personalized needs?  Looking to join a program that can be done in the comfort of your own home or virtually anywhere?  Would you enjoy finding your way to better health and intimacy at the same time? Then this program is for you.  This program is provided to you as a monthly subscription program. You will have access to our fitness programs at the tip of your fingertips. THAT EASY!  Take us wherever you go!