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Black Love
Published on: February 21, 2020
Not what you think! We are changing the narrative of the term situationship! Join Derrick and Rachel Harper as they talk about ‘situation’ships that adults tackle on a daily basis.  They also delve into his side, her side, and the truth about how their ‘black love’ began. We give a direct insight into what this podcast series is all about; which is, everything from love, money, careers,sex, and more. 
A situationship is essentially a relationship that hasn’t been defined. Much like with love relationships, finance relationships can be undefined as well as other relationships.  therefore, every situation can b e a situationship.  We give advice on how women. should act in a relationship as well as how men should act. 
New to the world, th Situationship Podcast changing the narrative of the word situationship we are in situationships with finances, careers, health, and more. Join Derrick and Rachel every Friday as they delve into them.

This episode talks about black love and how life came at us FAST!!! SUPER FAST!!! It was so fast that we don’t even know what happened to the years.  

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