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Rachel Harper

Health Empowerment Coach


         MY VISION


Early in my childhood, I participated in various sports, even going away to college to participate in division one athletics. While in college, I studied exercise science and kinesiology. Not long after graduating college, I began working as a group fitness instructor. As my belief is the mind and body of individuals are intertwined, I went on to receive my Master’s in community counseling.  I gained experience working with individuals with various diagnoses in various capacities.    



My wellness lifestyle began in middle school and through college.  With my last two pregnancies, I gained fourty pounds. Six months after my last pregnancy, I had a hysterectomy.  After surgery, I woke up to my nurse explaining that my blood pressure spiked during surgery and they gave me a dose of blood pressure medicine.  My blood pressure remained high for close to a month. This was very scary. Once I felt well enough to begin exercising, I went full steam ahead with my health journey being sure to takle my blood pressure in the process. My blood pressure and weight has been regulated ever since.  I took my expert knowledge and created myself a wellness program that is sustainable.

I now empower individuals to stay the course because health is wealth. I use my purpose of sharing my professional health and wellness expertise with the community to empower everyday people to get active and sustain long-term results.

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