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More Money, More Problems: But, Why?
Published on: October 21, 2020
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Exploring Finances

More Money, More Problems: But Why?

Six years of marriage came pretty quick, but not without its ups and downs.  Why can’t life be easy?  Why can’t we wake up every day in a fairy tale? Imagine your alarm clock being the sound of beautiful birds singing in unison while sitting on your window sill with a calm wind sweeping through your room.  A dream, right?

One of the struggles Derrick and I had in the past was our finances. Not that we didn’t have enough money but that we created too many bills when we did reach our first financial goal.  You may have heard people say that their family did not have much growing up but their life was, nevertheless, awesome.  That’s the story we speak of every so often. We say things like,” When we first got married we somehow made our $1500/month work for us. We had so much fun and did a lot more in our relationship even with the little we had.”  Can you relate?

We are in our current financial position by the grace of God. We prayed and asked God to better our financial position and he did it ten-fold.  We produced more money, but, initially, we did not handle our money in the best manner. We made more money then racked up more debt. Eventually, we became better with our finances after realizing we were paying our bills first and ourselves last.  

Look below to find the INITIAL steps we took to increase our personal financial awareness (the full acknowledgement of all expenses).  I hope these tips help you as much as they helped us! 



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