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3 Steps to Reduce Financial Stress and Increase INTIMACY
Published on: October 23, 2020
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In this episode, Derrick and Rachel share tips on how to improve intimacy by discussing 3 Steps to Reduce Financial Stress to Increase Intimacy. Research says most marriages fail because partners do not have the same ideas about money management. Are you the spender and them the saver? Do you both hide the amount of money spent when its over $500? Well, that is generally the cause of divorce in 50% of marriages. Derrick and Rachel are a married couple who successfully made it through lack of financial literacy that caused intimacy problems in their relationship. Marriage takes a lot of work and they were willing to put in the work necessary to have intimacy in their marriage. Not only do they coach married couples how to have a successful marriage, but they coach those who are single, dating, engaged, and divorced as well. Tune in as these relationship coaches give you great insight into the world of financial literacy, finances, love, and marriage. Follow us on ig for more great tips: @derrickandrachelharper For one on one help with Intimacy in your relationship visit:… Ignite your Intimacy in only 30 DAYS with PROVEN STRATEGIES.. Get the 30 day Intimacy Ebook here:…

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